Thursday, June 14, 2012

On our way to 60,000

I have read that with the colony collapse disorder we need to be adding 60,000 hives to get the bees on a rebound. 

 So do we do this with 1 beekeeper with 60,000 hives or 60,000 beekeepers with 1 hive each. 

 I vote for the later.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Philosophy of Bee Keeping

Here is my philosophy of bee keeping as of today.  5/26/2012

  1. There is no such thing as "natural bee keeping".  If it were natural they would be in a tree or where every they wanted.  I believe to try to replicate nature as close as possible and still be able to have the benefits of the bees.
  2. No chemicals.  Use what nature would do.
  3. Let bees build their own comb.  No foundation will generate natural comb.
  4. Three different types of hives to start with:
    A.  Horizontal Top Bar

        B.  Vertical Top Bar (known as Warre)

     C.  8 Frame Medium Langstroph

5.  I am not in it for the money or the honey but will take both if it is there.
6.  I will do my best to be organically managed.  Since bees can fly 3 to 6 miles away it is impossible to keep the trolls from putting pesticides on their plants and crops.

So it Begins

I am just a guy who is trying to survive in this new and upcoming world.  We as Americans have become fat, complacent, taking things for granted and having the attitude that we are owed our lifestyle.  We are NOT lazy or stupid.  We will get though this by going back to the past.  If we can't get the knowledge back that our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers had we are in trouble.

I have been asked:  "How did you get started keeping bees?"  The answer is that it has been a 3 to 4 year progression of things.

  1. By studying the Bible I see that things are going to get worse before they get better.
  2. By studying the US and world economy I see that they are getting worse.
  3. Starting prepping by trying to get a years supply of food stored. (a lot harder to do than you think)
  4. Started planting a garden to grow my own food.  (I would have starved if I had to live on my garden.)
  5. Got chickens for eggs.  (Easier than you would think.)
  6. Saw a book on beekeeping and decided to do it.

So that is how I got into beekeeping.  The adventure begins.